pureSilicon Sets New Industry Benchmarks with Fastest, Highest-Capacity 2.5” SATA SSDs for Performance-Driven Datacenter, Defense, & Aerospace Applications

Nitro N2 delivers 6 Gb/s and up to 130K transactions per second and offers protection from host power fail events, while Renegade R4 meets MIL-STD-810F standards and features self-encryption and security features.

LAS VEGAS, NV--(PRWeb - January 9, 2012) - (Storage Visions, booth 15): pureSilicon™ Inc. (http://www.puresi.com), innovator of high-performance storage technology for the industry’s most demanding applications, has launched a refreshed line-up of advanced solid-state drives (SSD) that deliver uncompromised performance for customers who need unparalleled performance and reliability

At this year’s Storage Visions Conference, pureSilicon is unveiling two new lines of advanced SSD devices: the Nitro N2, which is aimed at high-end enterprise and datacenter applications; and the Renegade R4, which leverages components of the Nitro design and continues the evolution of the ruggedized device that has already seen success in the defense, aerospace, and medical sectors.

“pureSilicon continues to blaze a trail by providing high-performance and ruggedized storage solutions for the customers that cannot live with compromises in their storage systems,” said Jason Breakstone, founder and CEO of pureSilicon. “The enhancements we’ve made to the Nitro and Renegade product lines mean our customers can store more data in a smaller footprint, improve their total cost of ownership, and boost performance, reliability, security and data integrity in their mission-critical applications.”

Nitro N2 SSD: designed for extreme enterprise and datacenter environments

The latest Nitro N2 SSDs are the most advanced storage devices available today, delivering benchmark-setting performance of 6 Gb/second over a SATA interface. Nitro N2 features native command queuing, 32-bit DDR3 data buffer, and high-performance proprietary controller architecture that delivers twice the performance over competing technologies at small block sizes and line-rate performance during sequential operations. Nitro utilizes a patent-pending PIPA™ (parallel interface performance accelerator) architecture that increases I/O performance while reducing wear on the drive’s flash array.

The Nitro N2, through the use of PIPA, is able to accelerate I/O performance by up to 400 percent while also boosting lifetime terabytes written by a similar factor. This technology is further enhanced by an improved, third-generation SATA interface that yields up to two times the overall throughput, reaching up to 540 MB/second. Data integrity and reliability is enhanced through a propriety power-supply design called VoltStream™ that monitors power quality and uses solid-state capacitors to provide energy during a host-side power fail event. Nitro N2 is available in capacities of up to 1.6 TB, offering the largest available capacity for a 2.5-inch, 9.5mm low-profile device.

Technical specifications: Nitro N2

-- Up to 1.6 TB usable MLC — the highest-density SSD available today (2 TB RAW)
-- Up to 130K random read and random write IOPS — the fastest-performing SATA SSD
-- SATA 6 Gb/s interface delivering up to 540 MB/s sequential read, 520 MB/s sequential write
-- Low power - under 10 Watts active
-- Low profile – 7.0 or 9.5 mm height
-- Proprietary design, architecture, and controller
-- Proprietary power supply with safe power-fail mechanism using solid-state capacitors
-- 2X nanometer flash components
-- Pricing starting at: $1,995

Renegade R4 SSD meets the needs of demanding defense, aerospace and medical customers

The Renegade R4 SSD continues the evolution of pureSilicon’s ruggedized product line. Renegade has demonstrated it can meet the needs of demanding defense, aerospace, and medical applications by providing a leading-edge off-the-shelf solution that generally would not be available for these applications. This product builds upon the previous Renegade line including the performance and reliability of the Nitro N2 and then adds SiPher™ self-encryption and security features including customer-defined and industry-specific secure-erase algorithms. Renegade products meet MIL_STD_810F requirements and can be potted and/or conformal-coated for additional reliability in extreme environments.

Technical specifications: Renegade R4

-- Up to 200 GB usable SLC — the highest-capacity rugged I-temp SSD available today
-- Up to 60K random read and random write IOPS — the fastest-performing rugged I-temp SSD
-- SATA 6 Gb/s interface delivering up to 540 MB/s sequential read, 520 MB/s sequential write
-- Self-encrypting drive with military-grade, secure-erase algorithms for compliance
-- VoltStream an innovative technology that monitors power quality and provides a safe power-fail mechanism using solid-state ceramic capacitors
-- Pricing starting at: $1,155

Energy-efficient and planet-friendly

pureSilicon is committed to energy efficiency and designs storage products that yield high performance per watt. Whether the goal is to increase productivity in a mobile environment or reduce energy costs in a datacenter, deploying pureSilicon SSDs will help achieve these objectives. Legacy storage products such as hard disk drives are becoming less energy-efficient as manufacturers strive for higher performance, whereas SSDs offer superior performance and scalability, with lower energy consumption.


Pre-orders of Nitro N2 and Renegade R4 in sample quantities for late Q1 shipment can be placed at the pureSilicon online store: http://www.puresi.com/store. Renegade R4 is built for select customers that meet certain criteria; volume orders for late Q1 shipment should be sent to sales(at)puresi(dot)com.

About pureSilicon Inc.

pureSilicon is redefining storage by developing leading-edge solid-state storage devices based on flash memory technologies, including the world’s first 1-terabyte 2.5-inch SSD. By delivering products that yield unprecedented performance, storage density, and data security, pureSilicon is able to address the growing storage needs of the military/defense, industrial, and enterprise server markets. Headquartered in New Jersey, the company specializes in developing leading-edge solid-state drives (SSDs) that meet the demands of the most discriminating applications. pureSilicon offers an extensive line of flash-based memory solutions specifically designed for defense contractors, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs). For more information visit http://www.puresi.com.