RenegadeTM R4S Solid-State Drive (SSD) is our latest generation rugged storage device, designed to deliver uncompromised performance in the harshest conditions. Renegade SSD offers enhanced read and write speeds, improved random IOPS, and proprietary SiPherTM data security technology.

Superior Performance and Storage Density

Renegade R4S accelerates performance to industry-leading levels by leveraging a multi-channel controller architecture with over-provisioning and a 6Gb/s SATA interface for improved performance. The result is throughput reaching 540MB/s and random input/outputs (IOPS) at small block sizes reaching 60,000.

Renegade is offered in a wide range of storage capacities from 12.5GB to 200GB utilizing industry standard Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash based on the latest 2Xnm process technology. This allows higher densities in smaller form-factors and higher device-level performance than storage devices built using older lithography techniques.

Rugged and Reliable

Renegade R4S was designed to perform in environments where heat, vibration, and humidity preclude the use of traditional hard disk drives or regular, ‘consumer-grade’ SSDs. With MIL-STD-810F compliance, Renegade ensures the ability to sustain reliable operation in harsh environments typical of extreme industrial and military applications.

Renegade is a durable component that will continue to deliver high performance when other hard drives and SSDs would have failed. Ruggedized highlights include conformal coating, precision potting, and a hard-anodized unibody enclosure carved from a single piece of aluminum. Renegade is designed with components that can tolerate extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration, enabling operation from -40° C to +85° C.

SiPher Data Security Technology

Renegade R4S features a cryptographic processor providing hardware-driven 256-bit AES encryption that delivers instantaneous encryption and decryption of data. Renegade can be authenticated though many different methods such as PIN/password, trusted platform module (TPM), smart card, universal serial bus (USB), or biometrics that use a unique ‘key’ to unlock the drive. Without the key, data that has been stored on the Renegade will be incomprehensible to anyone who tries to access it.

Data declassification technology is used to ensure all data written to the Renegade, whether encrypted or not, is securely erased. Individual government organizations have different security policies that require data be erased using special algorithms. Out of the box, Renegade is capable of deploying many of the standard government data declassification algorithms or customers can provide their own custom algorithms as well.


Interface, Capacity, Memory Technology

Host Interface Serial ATA (SATA) 3.0 - 6 Gb/s, Backward compatible with SATA 2.0 - 3 Gb/s
Interface Ports Single
Capacities 12.5 GB, 18.75 GB, 25 GB, 37.5 GB, 50 GB, 75 GB, 100 GB, 150 GB, 200 GB
Sector Size 512 Bytes
Memory Type Single-Level Cell (SLC) Synchronous NAND Flash


Read Bandwidth (128 KB) 540 MB/s
Write Bandwidth (128 KB) 515 MB/s
Max Read I/O (512 B) 115,000 IOPS
Max Write I/O (512 B) 100,000 IOPS
Rand. Read I/O (4 KB) 60,000 IOPS
Rand. Write I/O (4 KB) 60,000 IOPS
Average Latency < 100 Micro Seconds


Operating Temp. -40° C to +85° C
Non-Operating Temp. -55° C to +95° C
Shock 1500 G, Duration 0.5 ms, Half Sine Wave
Vibration 20 G Peak, 10 ~ 2000 Hz, x3 Axis
Humidity 5% to 95%, Non-Condensing, Relative Humidity
Altitude 24,384 m


MTBF 2.0 Million Hours
Endurance Read: Unlimited, Write: Up to 5.12 PBW over 5 Years
Power-On Hours 8760 per Year
Data Path Protection BCH ECC - 55-bits per 512-byte sector
Data Encryption AES-256 (FIPS-197 Certified) and TCG-Enterprise Supported Encryption
Temp Sensoring Dual Temp Sensors for Temp Monitoring - Performance throttling in critical temperature zone
Warranty 5 Years


Power Protection VoltStream Power Monitoring, Protection, and Power-Fail Hold-up
Input 5.0 V
Idle 1.7 W
Typical 3.5 W
Max 5.5 W


Height 7.0/9.5 mm
Length 100.5 mm
Width 69.85 mm
Weight 115 g

Ordering Information

Product Part Number
12.5 GB Renegade R4S SSD PS-R4D2CSHS012G0M
18.75 GB Renegade R4S SSD PS-R4D2CSHS018G0M
25 GB Renegade R4S SSD PS-R4D2CSHS025G0M
37.5 GB Renegade R4S SSD PS-R4D2CSHS037G0M
50 GB Renegade R4S SSD PS-R4D2CSHS050G0M
75 GB Renegade R4S SSD PS-R4D2CSHS075G0M
100 GB Renegade R4S SSD PS-R4D2CSHS100G0M
150 GB Renegade R4S SSD PS-R4D2CSHS150G0M
200 GB Renegade R4S SSD PS-R4D2CSHS200G0M